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A mix of Urban and Rural Riding With My Recumbent Group

My Recumbent Group (Bay Area Recumbent Cyclist, AKA the BARC-O-loungers) rode from the Curtner light rail station in San Jose to a more rural trail, the Los Alamitos Creek trail, in South San Jose, and back. I rode 20 miles from my house to the start, did their 20-mile ride, then home, for a very pleasant 60-mile day. It was a challenge to get to the start, the first 16 miles were on quiet streets with good bike lanes, but the last 4 could have been a tough urban ride on busy streets. A couple of San Jose’s bike trails came to the rescue, I was able to piece together a combination of the Guadalupe Creek trail and the Highway 87 bike trail, both paved off-road bike paths, with some safe city streets with good bike lanes.

At the start in the Light-rail parking lot. A motley collection of two-wheel ‘bents and trikes.Trying out my chest camera mount while riding. It only works if my knees don’t get in the way. I need to get a handlebar mountOn The Los Alamitos Creek Trail. Mt Umunhum and the Santa Cruz mountains are in the distance.Orion, our mascot. This amazing kitty was a rescue in Sunnyvale. He is leash-trained and loves everybody. He rides in Dianes’ trailer (his human).

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