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Balanced Training on My Birthday

I mentioned recently that one of the “wake-up call” lessons I took away from my recent health scare was to make my training more balanced overall. This includes a good physical mix of aerobics, strength training, stretching, and balance, as well as mental training like meditation and mindfulness, and healthy eating. I did a bit of all of the above today to celebrate my 69th birthday, and it was a great day. Ok, I did party a little also!

After doing my strength training I rode my bike to the bottom of a steep local hill, Barnard road, and walked up. View from about halfway up.

Some of my balance exercises: Tandem stance, one-legged on a firm surface, one-legged on a flexible surface (balance pad). With the balance pad, you can see I still need to “cheat” with a finger. But these are all improving every day.

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