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Better Vision Through the Miracles of Modern Science

I had my cataract surgery Tuesday, and it went well. It’s a pretty minor procedure, after all, compared to some of my past adventures. I think it took under 30 minutes, about 10 for the main part. The anesthesiologist said I would be sedated, but to a lesser extent than “twilight sleep”, and would also have a local anesthetic as well as a topical anesthetic for the eye. I was drowsy and in and out of sleep. I remember hearing some funny machine noises and a lot of colors. I was warned there might be a feeling of pressure but that there should be no pain. I don’t remember even the pressure.

The rest of the day and until my follow-up with the Doc the next day I had to wear an eyepatch. This was a bit wierd because I had vision in the eye, so my brain was trying to integrate the view of the outside world from my left eye with the view of the inside of an eyepatch from the right, into a coherent image. What it came up with was kind of flat, with little depth perception. I watched a football game on TV at night and it looked odd without depth.

This morning I had my follow-up. My surgeon said everything had gone fine, and measured that the implant was positioned perfectly. My vision already showed improvement, and he said it will continue to get better as it heals. My vision with both eyes is still a bit strange. I think my brain for several years had gotten used to combining fairly clear vision from the left with blurry from the right, and now it’s getting clear from both and has to adjust. The Doc says that should take a couple of days. Now I still have to wear the patch, but only when sleeping so I don’t poke or scratch it while asleep. I also have to do eyedrops four times a day, one antiseptic, the other antiinflammatory, for a bit over a week. All in all, so far so good!

My right eye with new lens, with and without pirate patch.

I’m supposed to take it easy with exercise this week. No straining or anything that might raise blood pressure temporarily, such as weight lifting. Walking is fine. Easy biking would be ok too, but impact is not a good idea, so I think I’ll stay off the roads for a few days till my vision is improved. Today I just did a half an hour, some easy spinning on my stationary bike plus some walking. I’ve been exercising pretty hard in the weeks leading up to this so it will be nice to have an easy recovery week.

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