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Cleared To Drive and Ride!

I saw my Doc again for a followup, and things are looking well enough that she Okd riding outside and driving. I haven’t had a repeat of the vertigo symptoms that hospitalized me about 3 weeks ago, nor have I had any other signs of dizziness. Unfortunately we can’t be sure there won’t be a recurrence in the future, so I still have to be careful. In retrospect I had a pretty strong warning the first time. My vision got blurry a couple of hours before the actual vertigo attack, If that had happened while riding or driving I would have been able to safely limp home.

So, for now, it’s driving or riding locally, and we’ll bump up the distance as I get more confident. I’ll also revisit my status on Jan. 25th when I see an ear specialist.

Today I took advantage by going for an easy local ride on my conventional bike, minimizing exposure to traffic by taking quiet local roads with good bike lanes over to the Coyote Creek path. That went fine for about an hour, so I came back home and tried the recumbent on quiet local roads, which also went well. No signs of dizziness or any balance issues. So far so good!

I’m also continuing balance training doing exercises from my PT, and my balance is doing well.

Coyote Creek From the trail underpass at US 101. The creek is really swollen from recent rains.

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