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Healthy Recipes Using Jamun Fruit

In case you are looking to add jamun to your diet, but not sure about the different ways to consume it, then here are 2 simple jamun recipes you could try out right away.

#1 Jamun Fruit Juice Recipe

Consuming jamun in the form of a fruit juice is one of the easiest things you could do. This is one of the best ways you could include jamun in your diet, especially if you’re looking to lose weight.

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Course Drinks

Servings 2 cups

1/4 cup jamun pulpJaggery powder to taste2 cups chilled waterA large pinch chilled water

Start by scraping out the pulp from the seed

Add all the pulp into a blender

Start blending the pulp, jaggery powder, chilled water, and black salt.

Pour into large glasses and serve immediately

For sweetness, instead of jaggery powder, you can use honey, sugar, or any type of sweetener that you preferThe jamun juice should taste a bit sour, so add the sweetener accordinglyYou can either have the juice as it is or strain it before serving

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#2 Jamun Chia Pudding Recipe

This is another easy and no-cook recipe using the combination of jamun and chia seeds that are delicious.

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Course Dessert, Drinks

Servings 2 cup

10 big jamuns2 tbsp chia seedsAs required Honey1.5 cup coconut milkNuts or seeds to garnish the dish

Take a big bowl and add in the chia seeds, coconut milk, and honey. Mix all the ingredients to combine well

Now, let the mixture sit for about 4 hours or till the chia seeds swell up well. You can even leave it in the fridge overnight

Remove all the pulp from the fruit and puree it

Mix one part of the jamun puree with the chia seed mix and combine everything well

Take one portion of the chia seed mixture in a glass or bowl and top it with a little bit of the jamun fruit puree

Garnish it with nuts or seeds of your choice

Repeat the same for the second serving

If you do not want to use coconut milk, you can use any milk of your choiceA little bit of fresh yogurt can also be addedInstead of honey, you can use a sweetener of your choice

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