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Interesting Recipes Using Kalonji

#1 Paratha with mint and kalonji seeds

Mint and kalonji seeds make these parathas extremely tasty, nutritious and give a distinct flavor.

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Course Breakfast

2 cups Wheat Flour 1 cup Oats Flour1/2 cup Curd4 tbsp Kalonji Seeds1 tbsp GheeAs per taste Salt

Put the wheat flour, oats flour, salt, mint leaves, nigella seeds, curd, and salt in a bowl

Knead the dough using water in small batches

Allow 30 minutes for the dough to rest

Roll the dough into small balls. Dust some flour and roll it into round or oval paratha.

Cook on tawa until both sides cooked well

Apply a little ghee and serve immediately. This paratha is delicious with any spicy gravy. When served together they are a marvel combo!

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#2 Kalonji pulao

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Course Main Course

2 cups Basmati Rice 1 tbsp Kalonji 2 Cloves 1/2 stick Cinnamon1 tbsp Cumin Seeds 2 tsp Butter/Ghee As per choice Mixed HerbsAs per choice Almonds

In a mixing bowl, put the basmati rice (80-90% cooked)

In a pan, melt the butter

Combine all of the spices, including the kalonji seeds

Toss in the rice and cook it over a low hea

Allow the pan to sit on sim for another 5 minutes

Enjoy your rice, which is simple to make but packed with flavor!

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