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Outing With Fellow Recumbent Riders

There is a meetup group called Bay Area Recumbent Cyclists that rides in various places in the San Francisco Bay Area. Today they came down to my neck of the woods and rode on the Coyote Creek Trail so I was able to join them.

‘Bents on Parade- We had 5 trikes and 3 two wheelers

It was a great ride of about 3 hours, but got hot towards the end, into the 90s. I think my favorite part was when people saw us going by, I think they thought the circus had come to town. I especially like the excited reaction from kids. I think I’ll start joining this group for some adventures in other parts of the Bay Area as soon as I come up with a better way to transport my recumbent.

[update] A really good recumbent dealer, Zach Kaplan, from whom I’ve bought bikes in the past, was on our ride. He posted his own trip report here. Zach rode down from Alameda to meet us, went on the ride, and then rode home, for a total of 214 km (133 miles)! And here I thought a century ride was a big deal. Here’s a couple of his pictures:

Gentleman Julius, our ride leader, taking a break at the Santa Clara County Model Airplane station, which we passed on the way. Some pretty big models are flown there as you can see in the background. (courtesy humble author following the parade on the bridge over Coyote Creek. (courtesy

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