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Recipe: Fruit & Nuts Rice phirni

Recipe: Fruit & Nuts Rice phirni HealthifyMe HealthifyMe – The definitive guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life.


Fruit & Nuts Rice phirni

This classic slow-cooked Mughal dessert very similar to our humble rice pudding. It is rich taste, delicate auroma is loved by all and s best seved cold. This is our helathy take on fruit and nuts Rice Phirni.
Course Dessert
Keyword Fruit & Nuts Rice phirni, rice
Prep Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Servings 1 cup


6 seedless dates 2 tbsp Basmati rice, soaked in water31/2 cup low fat milk1/2 cup walnuts1/2 cup almonds, peeled1/2 tsp cardamom powder A few saffron strands1/2 cup mixed fruits


Soak the basmati rice for at least 1 hour in water.
Now, also soak the dates and nuts for 15 minutes in 1/2 cup of warm milk.
Drain the water from the rice, pat it dry, and crush it coarsely.
Next, grind the soaked dates and nuts into a paste.
Place a vessel on the stove and pour in the low fat milk.
Bring milk to a boil.
Meanwhile, once the milk is at the boiling temperature, use a ladle to remove some milk and pour it into a small bowl.
Soak some saffron strands in the small bowl of milk
Pour the crushed rice into the vessel and let it simmer with the milk for 5 minutes on the stove.
Reduce and let the milk thicken.
Remove from the heat.
Mix in the nut paste and cardamom powder, then set aside to chill.
Pour into some glasses and place it in the refrigerator.
Garnish with chopped fresh fruits and serve chilled.

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