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Recipe: Purple Nutty Fruity delight

Purple Nutty Fruity Delight is a delicious dessert recipe that will soon be your and your kids’ go to dessert. This simple dessert is made using simple and nutritious ingredients. The fun, purple colour is extracted from soaked aparajita flowers, the nuts and soyabean offers abundence of protein and oats make it extremely fibrous.

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Prep Time 20 mins

Course Dessert

Servings 1 cup

Calories 198 kcal

1/2 cup Roasted oats1/3 cup Soyabean, roasted and ground1 cup Yoghurt2 tbsp Honey6-7 Aparajita Flower (Butterfly Pea Flower), soaked in ½ cup of water1 cup Mixed Fruits1/4 cup Almonds and Walnuts, soaked and finely chopped1 tsp Flax Seeds1 tsp Chia Seeds1 cup Milk1 cup Water

First, soak some aparajita flowers in warm water for 10 mins.

Next, cook the oats and soybeans in milk and water for 2 minutes on medium heat.

Stir in the soaked Aparajita flower infused water to the cooked oats and soybean mixture, then heat it for another minute

Take a bowl and add the diced fruits with the yoghurt.

Now, combine the fruit and yoghurt combination with the oats, almonds, and seeds,

Drizzle the mixture with some honey and set it aside in a refrigerator.

Chill it for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

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