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Time to Get a Little Stricter…

My Doc had me do some follow-up blood work. Last June all my “lipid panel” results had been great. Since then, pretty much all is well except my LDL crept up. I had a six-month follow-up with my cardiologist also. Both he and my GP want to check this again in 3 months. I must admit I’ve let my diet slip a little, especially over the holidays. I don’t believe in “forbidden foods”, but try to keep them in two categories “healthy, eat on a regular basis”, and “special treats”, and I try to keep the treats to under 20%. That can be a slippery slope, and my treat consumption definitely crept up over the holidays.

Eating healthy is part of an overall “healthy aging lifestyle” I try to follow. As I mentioned in a recent post, I sometimes emphasize some aspects of this more than others- it’s easier to emphasize the things I enjoy more! So I’m working on doing a better job on all aspects, including healthy eating and some facets I sometimes tend to give “lip service” to like mindfulness practice. I’ve been at it a little over a week now. So far it’s going really well. There’s an interconnection between the various facets, like when I’m being more mindful it’s easier to catch the little rationalizing voice that’s explaining why “just this once”, some more cookies wouldn’t hurt, before I actually eat the cookies.

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