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Web Stories – 7 Health Benefits of Pistachios

Web Stories – 7 Health Benefits of Pistachios HealthifyMe Blog HealthifyMe Blog – The definitive guide to weight loss, fitness and living a healthier life.

Pistachios are a member of the cashew family (Anacardiaceae) and are historically the oldest nut that has been consumed for ages. They tend to grow in drylands in warm climates. The name pistachios came from the Greek word “Pistakion”, meaning the green nut. They have a hard white covering around them and have a reddish-coloured thin skin around the green kernels. 

Pistachios originated from the middle east and central Asia. They are borne in clusters and get pollinated mainly by winds. Pistachios are long and spherical, 1.5 to 2 cm long. The hard covering around the kernel tends to split from one side without leaving off the green kernel.

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