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May 2022

Top 7 High Chromium Foods

By Hiral Patel

This trace mineral, Chromium with diverse health benefits plays a key role in breaking the macronutrients in the body. 


A half-cup serving of this cruciferous veggie Broccoli in a diet enriches the body with 11 micrograms of Chromium along with a few other vitamins.

Grape Juice

Consuming a cup (240ml) of grape juice without any sweeteners provides the body with 8 micrograms of chromium and makes up 21% of the mineral’s daily value.

Whole Wheat Flour

The yummy muffins’ mother ingredient, whole wheat flour, is the best to fetch more chromium to the diet.  

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Brewer’s Yeast

This well-known Baker’s Yeast, when consumed at 12g boosts immunity by managing the blood sugar levels and also by offering 3.3 mcg of chromium by adding 9% of the chromium’s daily value


This tasty appetiser provides the diet approximately with 2mcg of chromium for every three-ounce serving with a few other minerals to make a hearty rich meal. 

String Beans

These simple and healthy string beans also called green beans, offer 1.5mcg of Chromium for every 100g serving  

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